Do You Have What It Takes to Bring a Girl to Orgasm?

Male orgasms are a given, and failure to have one is considered an anomaly. The female version of this earth shattering moment is notoriously difficult to achieve. In fact, many women think it does not exist, or blame the problem on their bodies. That’s why the fake female orgasm is legend. Lots of men give up trying to give a woman a real orgasm after fruitless pursuits. Most women are forced to unhappily oblige with hilariously fake screams and moans.

Giving a woman a thundering orgasm has been the preserve of the rare sex stud. This is an almost mythical sex god that women crave for. A man who knows how to make a girl cum can pretty much lay any woman. She will gladly let him get away with murder if it brings one more orgasm.

Every man can learn how to make a girl orgasm. We can now reveal the tricks and secrets of the female orgasm, and the ever mystical female ejaculation. We will further disclose how any man can make a woman a girl orgasm, through penetration and oral techniques.

Before the Foreplay

The most important word at this stage. properseduction.tumblr.com

Contrary to popular belief, sex does not start with foreplay. The moment you give a woman a lusty look, she quickly tries to figure out how good you are in bed. A woman is very curious, and doesn’t want to waste time getting laid by a man who doesn’t know his way around her booty.

Hours before you get her into the sack, you need to work on this curiosity, and make her want to take it further. A great way to do this is by using eye to eye seduction, delicate touches, and sexy complements. Tell outright her how much you want her. If she playfully asks how, tell her in detail what you want to do to her. If she is still curious, you are halfway up her thighs already.

This sets the stage for an erotic bedroom encounter later on. Women love to feel wanted, loved, admired, and craved for, even when they pretend not to. A woman will get surprised when you rip her clothes off in the evening, after showing zilch sexual interest the whole day. Turning her on will take much longer as a result. And that orgasm may never come.

Make the Mood Right

The neck is always a good place to start the journey to climax. amazingorgasms.tumblr.com

A bad atmosphere can ruin the best sex. The key is to get her as comfortable as possible. Let her wear socks if it is chilly, or if you cannot turn on the heater. Dim the lights, put on a slow ballad, and give her a delicious dinner.

Keep your place spotlessly clean, especially the sheets. A glass or two of red wine works like magic. It makes her relax, lose inhibition, and feel more comfortable. Showing you care about her comfort opens her up to you.

Women are extremely sensitive about their bodies, no matter how hot they are. Generous complements will make her relax, and ditch these hang ups. The better she feels about herself, the easier it will be for you to hit those coveted home runs.

Sexy, romantic foreplay is absolute must. A woman is like a wood stove. It takes a while to get the heat going. Once it does, she can burn the whole place down.

Make a Girl Cum with Your Hands and Mouth

Do not refuse her help. amazingorgasms.tumblr.com

This is the easiest way to make her cum. The clitoris is the female equivalent of the dick head. In fact, it is packed with double the concentration of nerve endings. This makes it the most sensitive human body part on the planet.

Penetrative sex unfortunately does not do much to stimulate this spot. Using your hands and mouth can be the best thing a man can ever learn to do. Even the worst guy in bed can instantly transform into a stud if he masters mouth and hand techniques.

The mouth is a sexual instrument that can match any toy on the market when used correctly. Kissing, licking, sucking, and tonguing are extremely enjoyable. Another advantage is that the mouth is warm, wet, and smooth, which does not irritate sensitive areas like nipples, clitoris, or labia.

To make her cum, kiss the outside of her vagina, especially both the inner and outer lips. Once she is pushing against your mouth, gently lick the clitoris, paying attention to the sides. The 10 and 2 o’clock positions on the sides of the clit are not painfully sensitive as the front. They also deliver really deep sensations.

Use your hands simultaneously to caress her nipples, thighs, waist, and pretty much everywhere you can reach. This increases the arousal level.

The trick is not to change tactics too often. Use a combination of licking and sucking. See which one she responds to best and try stick with it. The hardest part is staying with a steady rhythm. This is a lot like hand action on a dick. Steady wins the race.

In no time, she will start breathing heavily, then tense for a few seconds, before exploding in a shuddering climax. These are the famous clitoral orgasms.

Yes, you are on the right track. cunnilingusfrombehind.tumblr.com

Another technique you ought to do is try fingering her twat while also licking her. This stimulates her even further, and gives her stronger orgasms. Some women may not prefer this. Try sliding one wet finger slowly into her. If she draws away, abandon the move. Any pulling back or pushing you away means she either does not like what you are doing, or she has had enough. It therefore pays to stay focused on her body language.

Squirting Secrets

This is the female ejaculation. Women too can produce a different type of ejaculate from glands in the vagina. The amount produced will vary from one woman to another.

The key to making a woman squirt is stimulating her G-Spot. This is the sensitive area on the roof of the vagina, which feels rough to the touch. It is about the size of a penny, and feels like the skin of a kiwi fruit.

You can reach this area by inserting a finger inside her, and with your palm facing upwards, make a ‘come here’ motion with the inserted finger. You should feel the spot this way. It is an area with extremely sensitive nerve ending.

Rub this area with your finger, while moving it in a thrusting motion. She will in soon erupt in a G-Spot orgasm that will make a girl squirt to high heaven!

Is It Possible to Make a Girl Orgasm Through Penetration Alone?

Penetration can be used to give a woman any kind of orgasm. This is where the ‘how you use it, is what matters’ mantra comes into play.

To give a woman a vaginal orgasm involves the right kind of penetrative technique. Every woman has her favorite position exactly for this reason. If she fancies a particular style, by all means stick with it. Trust me, she knows best.

Vaginal orgasms occur through stimulation of the vaginal wall. Keep her pussy tight by placing your hand underneath her butt when in the missionary position. This makes your penis rub every inch on her vaginal wall for maximum stimulation.

By pulling her butt upwards, it also allows you to thrust deeper, and reach sensitive nerve endings near her cervical opening. Be careful though, hitting the cervix is usually painful for most women. This is why the doggy position makes women scream with pain, or pleasure!

You can also penetrate her from behind while she is lying flat on her tummy. This is the best position for men with smaller penises, since it gives the tightest and deepest penetration. It also allows the penis to reach and stimulate her G-Spot, for amazing G-Spot orgasms. This is a must use position for any man who wants to totally fuck the brains off a woman.

Yes, you hit the right spot. amazingorgasms.tumblr.com

The CAT Position

This is a simple way of stimulating her clitoris in the missionary position. Lie on top of her, with your legs on the outside of hers. Penetrate her, and then with her legs together, move your body slightly forwards onto her tummy.

Thrust slowly and then build the rhythm as she gets more aroused. Your penis will rub against her clitoris. This will give her an earth shattering clitoral orgasm, with the added benefit of vaginal stimulation. This is the easiest way to give her an orgasm through penetration.

Mastering these simple techniques will turn you into that man every woman rushes to croon to her friends about. All it takes is making one girl cum, and your confidence level will go through the roof.

Written by Paco Penne

I’m Paco Penne, and my aim is to help you enjoy sex without performance anxiety! Since I can remember, I’ve been extremely open-minded, and therefore unafraid to explore every facet of sex and relationships. I’m excited to share my experience with you and created The Adonis Alpha for this purpose! Get to know a bit more about me here.

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