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    11 Wild Ways to Get a Girl Horny And Wet

    Most guys are ready to go at the flick of a finger. You just have to picture her taking your dick in her mouth and you’ll be more than ready to get inside her. Unfortunately, girls aren’t turned on as easily. Yes, it’s the age old problem. Guys struggle to get girls to take it […]

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    Three Powerful Techniques to Finger Her to Climax

    Introduction When it comes to your girl’s pleasure, you have it right at your fingertips, literally. With just your hands, you can pleasure your woman in amazingly satisfying ways. Even if this does not lead to an orgasm, you can bet it still makes for wonderful foreplay. In this post, we will tell you how […]

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    3 Secrets to Earth-Shaterring Female Ejaculation

    While some women have no idea about how to orgasm, others require just a little nudging to attain orgasmic heights. Then there are those women who can squirt their juices just about everywhere – on the floor, over the bed and even on you. While it is easy to assume that all women are capable […]

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    Female Ejaculation: The Facts, Half-Truths and Outright Lies

    Introduction Female ejaculation, also known as squirting, is a much debated topic in the sexology world. In 2002, the British Board of Film Classification found itself at the center of a controversy after it cut 6 minutes and 12 seconds from British Cum Queens, a porn video showing women ejaculating. The reason for the board […]