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    Two Powerful Options to Last Longer in Bed

    If you truly love your girl and you really want to please her, then this question might have crossed your lips several times. However, there is no standard answer to the question. Research shows that this can be from a few seconds like 20 seconds, to an entire night. You heard right, a whole night. […]

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    Do You Have What It Takes to Bring a Girl to Orgasm?

    Male orgasms are a given, and failure to have one is considered an anomaly. The female version of this earth shattering moment is notoriously difficult to achieve. In fact, many women think it does not exist, or blame the problem on their bodies. That’s why the fake female orgasm is legend. Lots of men give […]

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    Semenax vs. Volume Pills: Which Is The Better Ejaculation Booster?

    The obsession with penis size regularly overshadows other improvements that can enhance sexual pleasure. One simple way is to increase ejaculation volume. Increasing your ejaculate quality and quantity is a fundamental way of boosting sexual pleasure and performance. This is because the volume and quality of your ejaculate is linked to many other performance factors. […]

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    5 Advantages Of Swallowing Cum

    To spit or to swallow is a hotly contested issue; at least as far women are concerned. Most men would be much happier if the whole load of cum is swallowed like the rarest of caviar. After all, sperm is a readily available egg collection. Animals caught on to the secrets of swallowing semen ages […]